We specialise in developing competitive advantage.

By building your most feared future rival, we help you with radical innovation and cultural development. 

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Let's build your next worst competitor, together.


Assembly Line:



Design, facilitate and implement radical innovation processes .

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Entrepreneur network 

Expansion of our network of entrepreneurs, through building a movement with our generation.

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The Disruption team

The ones interested in challenging the status quo.

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The Rock solid dinosaur

Established organisations hold experience, data, capital and market share that is indispensable.

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Thunderwave created innovation trough co-creation. The vibe among the teams was great, and several of the business models created during Unicorn Farm was of high quality. Thunderwave created value for us, and we are still using them today.

- Ove Haaversen-Westhassel, Seniorrådgiver i Innovation Norway

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"We experienced Rival Lab with ThunderWave as something new; an inspiring way of working on innovation, with a highly engaging methodology. We look forward to seeing more of ThunderWave in the future."

- Jomar Selvaag, CEO Gyro

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The excitement and drive in the Thunderwave gang made Chewing Gum a unique experience. The process left us wanting more, and the concepts made there was inspired. Our wish to challenge our state of mind and further develop our innovation culture among our employees became a roaring success.

- Knut Magnus Aasli, CEO Skalar

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Our experience of Thunderwave saw them as competent and engaging facilitators with a program well suited younger people. They had great introductory tasks which cemented teambuilding and creativity. We will most certainly recommend them to similar tasks.

Karin Totland, Special Adviser Division for Innovation


"Professional, innovative and well executed. ThunderWave created value for us and for the CEOs who participated. An inspiring out-of-the-soul experience with valuable results. "

- Margit Abel Grape, Leader NHH Symposiet 2017



- The original Norwegian disruption bureau -

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Rock solid used to be a compliment.